Frequently asked questions

account opening

How long does it take to open an account?
After you apply to open an account, we will start screening your application. Once we complete the screening process, we will send your screening result. If confirming your identity online, the minimum confirmation time is that same day on weekdays. If uploading, the screening results will be sent by simple registered mail (no forwarding) to the address on your My Number documents and identity confirmation documents. You can then start trading on the next day at the earliest. If using regular mail, after receiving the required documents, the screening results will be sent to you by simple registered mail (non-forwardable) to the address on your My Number documents and identity confirmation documents.
When I enter my e-mail address in the application to open an account, I get an "already in use" message.
Please contact our Customer Support to confirm your registration.
To do so, please provide us with the following information.

Your name
Your e-mail address

And the e-mail address you entered.

▼Inquiry Form
What documents are acceptable as identity confirmation documents?
The following combination of documents is required as identification documents during online identity verification.

●Driving license for those who submit a residence certificate including their My Number
●Individual number card (front page and back page)
●Driving license for persons submitting a notification card

The following combination of documents is required as identity confirmation documents sent by uploading or by mail.

●Identity confirmation documents or supplementary documents (either one of these) for persons submitting a residence certificate including My Number
●Identity confirmation documents or supplementary documents (either one of these) for persons submitting an individual number card
●Two identity confirmation documents or combination of one identity confirmation document and one supplementary document for persons submitting a notification card

[Identity confirmation documents]
Identification documents must include your current address.

[1] If there is a description of the change, a copy of the reverse side of the card is also required.
[2] Insurance card (national health insurance, health insurance, seamen's insurance, long-term care insurance, late-stage senior citizen's medical insurance)
[3] Resident registration system card
[4] Residence card/special permanent resident certificate
[5] Photocopy of residence certificate
[6] Photocopy of seal registration certificate
[7] Physical disability record book
[8] Individual number card (My Number card with photo)
*Please make sure that the expiration date is within the same period for items that have an expiration date.
*It must be within six months from the date of issue for items that do not have an expiration date.
*If the address field is on the back side, then both sides are required.

[Supplementary documents] Only documents with your current address will be accepted.
[1] Receipt for utility bills (electricity, city gas, water, or NHK)
[2] Receipt for social insurance premium
[3] National and local area tax receipts or tax payment certificates
*It must show the current address of the applicant.
*Please make sure that it is within six months from the date of issue.
Do I need to provide My Number?
You are required to inform us of your "My Number" when you open an account.

For this reason, please submit any of the following "My Number" documents when opening an account.

[If an individual contract]

- Individual number card
- "My Number" notification card
- Residence certificate including individual number

[If a corporate contract]

- Notification of corporate number
- A printout of the screen retrieved from National Tax Agency's corporate number publication website

The "My Number" system (social security and tax number system) started in January 2016.
Under this system, a 12-digit number is assigned to every person who has a residence certificate, and is used in civil administrative procedures such as for social security, taxes, and disaster countermeasures.
*Corporations are assigned a corporate number consisting of 13 digits.

Along with the start of the "My Number" system, we are also required to fill in and submit the customer's My Number (or corporate number)
when submitting payment records, etc., to the tax office for the customer's account.
Therefore, customers who have opened accounts with us are required to inform us of their "My Number" (or corporate number) from here onwards.

Please acknowledge that if the address does not match the address used when applying to open an account, we will not able to open an account.
How do I send the documents required to open an account?
During the account opening process, you can use this function to authenticate or upload the required documents online.
After applying to open an account online, please submit the documents from here

If you wish to send these by mail, please send them to the address below after completing the application to openan account online.
To Customer Service Center, OANDA Japan Inc, CIRCLES Hirakawacho 10Fl., 1-3-13 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093
What documents are required to open a corporate account?
・Certificate of Full Historical Registry Records (copy of a company register):within three months of the date of issue.
・Corporate My Number (corporate number)
・Identification documents of the representative (one identification document, e.g. a copy of a driver's licence)
・Identification document of the person responsible for the transaction (one identification document such as a copy of a driver's licence)
*If the representative and the person responsible for the transaction are different, a letter of attorney and a certificate of seal impression stamped on the letter of attorney are additionally required.

Declaration of the beneficial owner
The beneficial owner is a person who is in a relationship that enables him or her to substantially control the business management of a legal entity.
I made a mistake during registration such as in the address or date of birth, when I applied.
Please use the inquiry form below to provide us with the correct registration information that allows us to correct the information.
Can you send ID and PW documents to an address different from my registered address?
In accordance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, we will send your personal information to the address indicated in your My Number or identity confirmation documents.
We cannot send to addresses other than your registered address.
We will also send the documents by simple registered mail (no forwarding).
I cannot confirm my identity online using my smartphone.
The URL in the e-mail with the following title* is a link for smartphones only.
Please access the URL from your smartphone.

*[Important] Information for confirming your identity online on your smartphone

If the camera does not start, please check the settings to
see if camera access is allowed on your device.

If you are still unable to authenticate yourself online after checking your settings,
please consider uploading an image or sending it by mail.
After applying to open an account online, the screen goes blank when I click the completion button. Or I cannot apply and messages are displayed such as [413 Request Entity Too Large] or [Possibility of duplicate applications].
This error message appears when the size of an image exceeds 10 MB.

File format for image upload of required documents should be jpg, png, gif, or pdf.
Please keep the total file size within "5 MB" and resubmit.

If you are still unable to upload after trying, then please consider applying by mail.

Please send the required documents to the address below.
To Customer Service Center, OANDA Japan Inc, CIRCLES Hirakawacho 10F, 1-3-13 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093
Can I open an account even if I live overseas?
Our OTC foreign exchange margin trading (FX) service is available only in Japan. Therefore, although any nationality is acceptable, only residents of Japan will be allowed to open an account.
Can I open multiple accounts in the same name?
You cannot open multiple accounts under the same name, but on the NY server, up to 10 accounts per person can be opened as sub-accounts (additional accounts). However, only one sub-account can be opened per person on Tokyo server.
It has been over one week since I applied to open an account but I have not heard anything.
▼Customers who have applied for confirming their identity by smartphone verification...

After opening your account is completed, we will send you a login ID by e-mail.
Please check your inbox, including your junk mail box, to make sure that you have received an e-mail with the following title.
"[Important] ■OANDA Japan, Notification on login ID and password initialization"

▼Customers who apply by uploading images or by mail...

After opening your account is completed, we will send you a login ID by simple registered mail.
Please check to see if a family member has received the package or if there is a delivery notice from the post office in the mailbox.

If you have not received the e-mail or simple registered mail after checking, please contact our customer support.
What is the function of sub-accounts?
We call the trading accounts "sub-accounts" after you open an account because you can create multiple trading accounts. Each account can manage funds and trade separately. This function can be used for different purposes, such as short-term and medium- to long-term trading. To use MT4 and MT5, you need to create a sub-account for MT4 and MT5 after opening an account. For sub-accounts on the NY server, up to 10 accounts can be made, including one for FxTrade/TradingView.
Are the rates and spreads the same for demo and Live accounts?
The rates and spreads for the demo account are based on Basic Course (NY server), but please note that the rates and spreads shown are for the demo account and are different from the actual rates and spreads. Demo accounts on Tokyo server are available on MT5.
I have accounts in overseas OANDA other than OANDA Japan. Can I transfer the account to OANDA Japan?
Or can I transfer the account of OANDA Japan to overseas OANDA in the opposite direction?
Please note that the accounts can not be transferred since OANDA Japan and overseas OANDA are separate corporations.
I would like to know about the taxation on foreign exchange margin transactions.
Unrealized gains and losses on open positions are not taxed until they are closed.
Once a position is closed and these gains or losses become actual gains or losses, these are subject to taxation.

If you hold a position on NY server and roll it over, the total swap points earned for the day will be automatically added to your account at AM6:00 Japan time each day and reflected in your account assets, which will be subject to tax.

We would like to inform you of the following website containing information on the taxation of FX.
For information on taxation of foreign exchange margin transactions (FX) by National Tax Agency, please click here (
For further details, please consult with the tax office or a tax accountant or other professional for confirmation.